Jumpstart your creativity with these 5 tips!

Don't you hate hitting artist's block? It's even more frustrating to have an idea in your head but you can't quite execute it right. But, trying something new might help you get past your creativity slump and help you to start creating again. Here's a few tips to jumpstart your creativity if you feel like you're in an artistic slump!

Do a still life

​Seriously, sometimes it's nice to get back to basics and there's something really helpful about drawing from life. Don't do this from a photo. You don't need a human model, though live people are awesome, but a still life that you've set up and you draw in person can help to fine tune your drawing skills and retrain your mind to see form and represent that.

Try a new perspective

Do you already have a piece you're working on but it doesn't feel right? Try a new perspective. Move around if you have a live model to work from (human or inanimate), flip your piece upside down or sideways, or something similar to get a new look at what you're working on.

Try a different medium

If you're in a slump, whether you have a piece you're in the middle of or you can't think of what to start, try doing something new. Try sculpting, try making a piece with fabric, try doing collages, try FINGER painting. It's always fun to dabble in something different and you can use any new skills learned or ideas on other pieces.

Get your head in the clouds

Do some cloud watching! The sunshine will feel nice, and it's good to get your feet in the grass and dirt. Look up, look at what you see, write it down or doodle it. It'll clear your head and help fuel your imagination.

Make a visual diary

Draw what you did that day, draw what your morning routine looks like, doodle what you had for dinner. It will help you create a narrative and you might find something fun in the mundane! I hope this helps you guys! Until next time!

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