Breaking Out

Making art is volatile. It is a volatile business, and a volatile action. There are periods when art becomes of great interest to the public, when we become aware of how much it affects our lives. Art surrounds us; it's not just up on walls in museums. We see it in advertisements, in movies, in the clothes you wear, in the car you drive, or the plates and cups from which you eat and drink. Art is in the design of the chairs you sit in, in the design of the desk at which you work, in the design of computer which can provide productivity and entertainment. Art is even in the design of your toilet, which doesn't seem elegant until you reailze that there are satisfying curves and smooth surfaces (and it's a bit better than squatting over a hole you've dug). Once you become aware of it, of how much art surrounds you, it shocks the system.

However, art can be seen as undervalued. While it is a great thing to be able to visit museums online and browse an artist's portfolio through their website, it can also be bad for business. It devalues the product. Why bother owning a print or an original, when you can just save it to your desktop and look at it whenever you want?

It is dangerous to be part of the 2D Art world, digital or traditional. Personally, I find it hard to buy art partially because I have so much of my own to put up, and because I prefer something I can wear on a shirt or a piece of jewelry. I prefer something more functional, like pottery. Many people might feel the same way. What makes you buy art? What do you look for in your pieces? Do you like having traditional 2D art? Do you prefer sculptures? Are you a fan of functional art? Do you prefer jewelry or beautiful, graphic shirts?

#text #art #value #functional #awareness #philosophy

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