I am a natural born doodler.

I grew up scribbling on paper and making paper sculptures. I would doodle on my notes, doodle in journals, doodle in my sketchpad, and doodle on any paper near enough. I stopped drawing in high school for a long time when I thought my passion would be theatre, but I was slammed back into art when I got into college. Even then, it wasn't until my last year of college that I really came into my own with art.

I started painting with splatters and drips in my senior year of college. An expressive, loose style was something with which I had always struggled. Through practice and hard work, I finally found my expressive style that didn't overwhelm the page, and when I started painting more loosely, it was hugely refreshing. It was after I had played with this style that I started to dabble in color and started painting animals. I was heavily influenced by A.E. London and even based my Galaxy Lion/The Night's Soul on her work. However, I found my own style and comfort in bright, vibrant colors. 

I strive to capture the personality of my subject through these colors. Hot, bright colors for energy, darker colors for calm; sparks and flashes of color for subtlety, coyness, or mischievousness. I like to hear stories about my subjects, whether they are people or animals, and this helps me to create an image of who they are. 

I love people and I love animals, and I love a good story. I am still learning to build myself and support my creative endeavors while working a full time job doing tech support.